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KFC’s bucket-shaped gaming PC is real and warms your wings in a ‘chicken chamber’

KFC’s bucket-shaped gaming PC is real and warms your wings in a ‘chicken chamber’

Earlier this year, Colonel Sanders decided to enter the console race with a gaming gadget of his own.

Everybody wrote off the KFConsole as a joke, but it turns out we were all wrong.

KFC has partnered up with hardware manufacturer Cooler Master to create a gaming behemoth that also keeps your fried chicken warm.

There’s a built-in ‘chicken chamber’ that uses heat generated from the machine to keep your wings nice and toasty.

Let’s see PlayStation and Xbox top that.

The KFC-branded game console
Neither PlayStation nor Xbox consoles come with a chamber for keeping food warm (KFC)

It’s not just for show, either. According to Cooler Master, the KFConsole can handle VR gaming, a 240-fps frame rate and output to a 4K display.

Alongside the warming chicken chamber is a custom cooling system that keeps other parts of the console from overheating during frantic gaming/chicken eating sessions.

Other specs include an Intel Nuc 9 Extreme Compute Element and two Seagate BarraCuda 1TB SSD drives, according to the Cooler Master website.

The KFConsole also has ‘a first-of-its-kind hot swappable GPU slot’ for easy upgrades.

The KFC-branded game console
The KFC-branded game consoleThe KFConsole is a fully-fledged gaming PC (KFC)

In a press release, KFC crowed that the console wars ‘were over.’

‘The Bargain Bucket-shaped machine features the world’s first built in chicken chamber, which is kitted out to keep its contents hot, ready for consumption during intense gaming sessions,’ the company said.

KFC spokesperson Mark Cheevers said the chicken chain was proud to unveil its flagship entry in the ‘vicious’ console market.

‘This machine is capable of running games at top-level specs, all on top of keeping your meal warm for you to enjoy during your gaming experience. What’s not to like?’ Cheevers added.

The KFC-branded game console
It’ll keep your meal warm during marathon games of Warhammer or League of Legends (KFC)

‘If Sony or Microsoft want any tips on how to engineer a chicken chamber for their efforts next time, they’d be welcome to get in touch.’

The price of the KFConsole hasn’t been revealed, nor has where or when gamers can pick one up.

But KFC does have a thing for gaming. The fast food chain not only has its own video games-related Twitter channel but even released its own title on Steam last year, featuring an anime version of Colonel Sanders.