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HomesmartphonesForget folding phones, LG made a ‘rollable’ phone

Forget folding phones, LG made a ‘rollable’ phone

Forget folding phones, LG made a ‘rollable’ phone
Forget folding phones, LG made a ‘rollable’ phone

If last year was all about the foldable phone, then 2021 could be the year we see ‘rollable’ phones take off.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is currently underway (it’s happening virtually this year because of the pandemic) and LG has just dropped a helluva tease.

The South Korean company showed off the briefest glimpse of its rollable phone – literally, a screen that rolls down to make the device more portable.

Gadget fans weren’t given any details about the phone, just a ten-second clip of someone using it at the end of the company’s CES 2021 virtual press conference.

Several tech sites have been reporting rumours around LG’s rollable phone for a while.

An LG spokesperson has confirmed to Nikkei that it will be released in 2021.

‘Our management wanted to show that it is a real product, as there were many rumors around the rollable phone,’ LG’s Ken Hong told the site.

‘As it is released at CES 2021, I can tell that it will be launched this year.’

Rollable phones could be the future of smartphones (LG)

LG is no stranger to rolling screens. In January last year it unveiled a ‘rollable’ TV that unfurled itself from the ceiling.

At any rate, when the phone does arrive it won’t be cheap. Unconfirmed rumours are suggesting it may be released with a price tag of around $2,359 (roughly £1,775).

Of course, LG isn’t the only company working on a rollable phone. Chinese manufacturer Oppo is tipped to be creating something similar, but we haven’t seen any concrete evidence yet.

Roll on 2021.