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What is a blue tick on Twitter and how do you get one?

What is a blue tick on Twitter and how do you get one?
What is a blue tick on Twitter and how do you get one?
Want one of those blue ticks for yourself? (Picture: Twitter)

Twitter has of course become synonymous with the art of social media micro-blogging, with millions of users taking to the site every day to air their views about trending topics and life in general – as well as seeing the latest from those that they follow.

While anyone over the age of 13 are eligible to sign up to the site, only some accounts have the added privilege of a ‘blue tick’ on their’s – a sight commonly seen on accounts from companies, celebrities, sports stars and more.

But just what does a blue tick mean – and can you get one yourself?

Here’s what you need to know…

What is a blue tick on Twitter?

Quite simply, a blue tick means that an account of public interest on the site is authentic.

The badge is given out to accounts that, according to Twitter, are ‘authentic, notable and active’ – with the following groups of people or companies eligible:

  • Government officials and offices
  • Companies, brands and organisations
  • News organisations and journalists
  • Entertainment companies – such as film studios, TV networks and music entities,
  • Entertainment artists, performers, directors and others in public-facing roles associated with such entities, or their productions
  • Sports and gaming leagues, teams, rostered athletes and coaches, as well as athletes competing in the Olympics or Paralympics
  • Activists, organisers and other influential individuals
Hand holding a phone with the Twitter logo on the screen
Only certain accounts are eligible (Picture: Twitter)

Others may be verified if they demonstrate consistent use of Twitter in the six months prior to applying, abide by the Twitter rules and do not post content that harasses, shames or insults any individual or group.

People and organisations who fit into the above categories need to meet certain criteria before they can be awarded that coveted blue tick – the full list of requirements can be seen at Twitter’s website.

How can you get your own blue tick on Twitter?

In short, you can’t at the moment – as Twitter has said on the website that at the moment the verified account program is on hold.

They have said they plan to relaunch verification in 2021 – with details of the new program and its forthcoming launch available on their blog.