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What are Instagram Live Rooms and how do I set one up?

What are Instagram Live Rooms and how do I set one up?
What are Instagram Live Rooms and how do I set one up?
You can now invite up to three guests to your Instagram Lives (Photo: Instagram)

If you wanted your Instagram Lives to be a bit more like Zoom, then you’re in luck.

Instagram has introduced Instagram Live Rooms, which allow you to invite up to three of your friends for a live broadcast.

Some observers suggest the new Instagram feature is an effort to keep up with the rapid growth of new audio-only social media platform Clubhouse, which allows groups of users to broadcast together in a similar way.

Instagram says it’s a way to ‘double up’ on live broadcasts, and that it hopes the move will lead to more creativity on the app, like ‘talk shows, jam sessions and co-create with other artists’.

The announcement from Facebook-owned Instagram also suggests it will give users further ways to make money and build a business, by giving viewers the ability to purchase user ‘badges’, purchase from Instagram Shopping, and participate in fundraisers.

Features similar to Instagram badges have been integral to the success of other live-streaming platforms like Twitch in the form of ‘subs’.

It’s not clear exactly when the Live Room feature will be hitting phones, but Instagram said that ‘Live Rooms will soon be available globally for everyone on Instagram’.

How do I set up an Instagram Live Room?

Instagram live stories shown on smart phones
It’s easy to set up an Instagram Live Room (Photo: Getty)

Starting a Live Room is fairly straightforward.

To start, you’ll need to open the app on your Android or iPhone – then swipe left and pick the ‘Live camera’ option.

After, you’ll be asked to add a title. Once you’ve named your room, you can tap the Rooms icon to add your friends, guests (or enemies).

If people have requested to go live with you, it’ll pop up on the app,

Once you’ve added your guests, they’ll pop in to the screen, while you’ll stay top left.

Instagram says it’s only at three guests at once for now, though you don’t have to add them all at once.

Having multiple guests is also a good way to increase Instagram reach, the company suggests, as each guests’ followers will be notified when they join a live broadcast.

Instagram also instituted some safety measures for the new feature, such as preventing any users blocked by any guests from joining the live, as well as banning guests that have been banned from live access from joining Live Rooms.