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Soothe operator: the best massage therapy gadgets you can buy

Soothe operator: the best massage therapy gadgets you can buy
Soothe operator: the best massage therapy gadgets you can buy
Soothe away the aches and pains with these gadgets (Picture: Hyperice)

It’s cold, dark and usually wet outside right now. And the gyms are closed.

So you’d be forgiven for letting the exercise regime slip somewhat as winter makes itself felt.

And even when you do knock out some of Joe Wicks’ best at-home exercises, you’re going to be feeling the soreness afterwards.

That’s where these useful bits of tech come in.

The following high-tech massage therapy gadgets are perfect for tackling any aches or pains left over from a sweat-raising lockdown lifting session.

Best for power: Hyperice Hypervolt Plus

Hyperice Hypervolt Plus
Hyperice Hypervolt Plus

Drilling your sore muscles with a whopping 3,200 percussions per minute, the super-powerful HyperVolt Plus can give you a pretty good beating, relieving soreness in minutes.

Though it’s one of the priciest out there, it does have suitably exceptional features, such as a patented Quiet Glide technology, which allows for a quiet and comfortable vibration massage, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Pair the gun with your smartphone and the connected Hyper-Smart app will automatically adjust the speed as you follow a guided massage routine, helping you to recover with minimal effort.


Best for storage: Theragun Mini

Theragun mini
Theragun mini

Don’t have much space during lockdown?

This pocket-sized, lightweight musclepounder by Theragun is an ideal full-size alternative, giving you the option to whip it out and batter the soreness out of your limbs wherever you are (once gyms open again) and making it easier to stow away at home.

Despite its relatively tiny size, it’s able to provide a range of speed settings, from a powerful, deep musclepelting 2,400 percussions per minute down to a less intense 1,750 percussions.

Bonus points for the ergonomic, easyto-hold design, cute carry case and
impressive 150-minute battery life.


Best for budget: Homedics Physio Massage Gun

HoMedics Physio Massage Gun
HoMedics Physio Massage Gun

HoMedics’ gun is not just a great allrounder, it will also set you back less than a hundred quid, meaning you’ll have already dodged the tension you’d be blitzing away with a massage gun after splurging on a pricier option.

You get a decent bit of kit for the money too. Take, for instance, the variety of massage head attachments included. Our fave is the Ushaped head, which gets to those hard-toreach, niggly areas such as the trapezius muscles, the achilles tendon muscle, ankle muscle and calf muscles.

Meanwhile, the conical head will attack and release those knotty and painful trigger points.


Best for quiet time: Shavron

Sharvron Massage Gun
Sharvron Massage Gun

Want to relieve muscle stiffness without making an enormous racket? The Shavron message gun is a great shout. Its powerful brushless motor not only offers flesh-belting speeds of up to 3,200 percussions per minute (and an impressive 53 percussions per second) but it keeps maximum noise output to just 55 decibels, meaning it can get right into those deep tissue fibres without sounding like you’ve let a pneumatic drill loose on your body.

Where it really shines, however, is in its six-hour battery life, which will sort you out for many a post-workout percussion session.


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