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HomeTechBT and EE join forces to give customers ‘unbreakable’ home WiFi

BT and EE join forces to give customers ‘unbreakable’ home WiFi

BT and EE join forces to give customers ‘unbreakable’ home WiFi
BT and EE join forces to give customers ‘unbreakable’ home WiFi
The Hybrid Connect, Smart Hub 2 and Complete WiFi disc 2 (BT)

Home broadband provider BT has teamed up with its mobile division, the network EE, to bolster its at-home offering for customers.

Given that millions of us are working, learning and socialising from home at the moment, the company has stepped in with its new BT Halo 3+ offering.

Customers who sign up for the service will get ‘unbreakable’ home signal due to the convergence of BT’s home broadband and EE’s mobile network through a Hybrid Connect device.

The Hybrid Connect device works with the Smart Hub 2 to automatically connect to the EE mobile network for back up if required.

Hybrid Connect also works with BT Complete Wi-Fi, so whether connected to broadband or the EE network, customers will continue to receive a signal in those hard-to-reach places in their house.

BT's new Hybeid Connect Device will link home WiFi with EE's mobile network (BT)
BT’s new Hybeid Connect Device will link home WiFi with EE’s mobile network (BT)

Matthew Howett, principal analyst and founder of Assembly Research, said: ‘The past 12 months have reminded us all of the importance of fast, and crucially, reliable broadband as we’ve taken to work, educate and entertain ourselves at home.

‘In its truest sense, convergence is about the coming together of fixed and mobile networks in a seamless way for the consumer. The Hybrid Connect device is a great first step in the delivery of that vision, and works to reinforce the always on promise, at a time when households need uninterrupted connectivity more than ever.’

New customers will be able to sign up for BT Halo 3+ from February 5 at £65.99 per month. Existing customers can receive the best deals on BT Halo 3+ and can contact BT to discuss their options.

Once you’re signed up, the available features include:

  • Hybrid Connect, BT’s hybrid device
  • Smart Hub 2, including wi-fi Controls to help families manage screen time
  • Complete Wi-Fi for reliable connectivity in every room
  • Full Fibre upgrade at no extra cost
  • BT’s Home Tech Experts offering in-home wi-fi support
  • BT’s Price Promise, with no end of contract price rises
  • BT Mobile and EE mobile benefits
The BT Smart Hub 2 (BT)
The BT Smart Hub 2 (BT)

Hybrid Connect is available as an add-on for new and existing BT broadband customers, costing £7 per month. Similarly, Complete Wi-Fi can be added to existing broadband plans for £10 per month.

BT says its consumer broadband network has seen an increase of over 60% in download traffic, as people turn to their broadband for home working, home schooling and entertainment in the current Covid-19 climate.

And independent research shows that 76% of UK consumers now value broadband reliability over speed and extra features.

So if you fancy the idea of upgrading, you can find out more about the Halo 3+ package here.