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Get your head in the game for the new year with these must-have gaming laptops

Get your head in the game for the new year with these must-have gaming laptops

‘Tis the season for fun! And after the year we’ve all had, we sure do deserve it.

For gamers, Christmas is a great time to indulge in a bit of escapism with the help of the hottest tech on the market. And with an exciting line-up of powerful true gaming laptops from MSI on offer this season, you could upgrade your gaming experience for less.

So, whether you’re looking to cheer yourself up or want to treat the gamer in your life to the ultimate gift ahead of the new year, here are the must-have gaming laptops you won’t want to be without.

Gaming on the go

Get your head in the game for the new year with these must-have gaming laptops
MSI’s GF63 Thin packs a punch – even for an entry level gaming machine

Ideal for young adults or fledgling gamers, an entry level laptop will give you all the power, amazing visuals and audio you need for a truly immersive gaming experience without any serious expertise required. Plus, they make efficient devices for those less exciting occasions when revision and work call.

Take the MSI GF63 Thin, complete with the latest 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor, which offers faster performance than previous generations. With power like this, game play is truly seamless – and with the high-resolution audio too, you really feel like your head’s in the game.

Conveniently, these efficient qualities also make this laptop a good sidekick for home studying or working on the go, which you can do easily thanks to this being one of the world’s thinnest, lightest and quietest gaming laptops. It runs cooler than many other devices on the market thanks to a near-silent fan, so players can also practice their game (or times tables) wherever, whenever without disturbing anyone around them.

Paired with GeForce® GTX 1650 Ti graphics with Max-Q design, a 15.6” Full HD Display and the exclusive MSI Dragon Centre – your own controllable hub which helps you personalise your gaming experience, snapping highlights during play and constantly optimising your battery performance – it’s a very powerful piece of tech for an entry level device.

For all this with a little extra, opt for the GF65 Thin, which comes with a higher spec NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1660 Ti Graphics card and 512GB SSD for superior game play and booting times.

Play every day

Impress the boss and your colleagues with MSI Bravo 15  (then reward yourself with a bit of gaming)
With the Bravo 15’s game-ready features, you’re always prepared to tackle even the most challenging virtual battles

For a laptop that can deliver a smooth user experience day in, day out for the game addict in your life, look no further than the Bravo 15.

Built with a 7nm technology AMD Ryzen™ processor and Radeon™ RX graphics, gamers get the world’s most advanced player experience defined by seamless and super responsive gameplay, so you can react faster and play better.

Its Cooler Boost 5 thermal system keeps the Bravo 15 nice and cool no matter how long or hard you’re playing, while High-Res Audio immerses all of your senses into every level, making you feel as though you’re physically in the game yourself.

Combine this with the fluid, lag-free AMD FreeSynch™ Premium 120Hz/144Hz display, which keeps you at pace with even the most complex of games, and seven hours of battery life, and you have a nifty gaming sidekick ideal for daily use, whether you’re set up at home or playing on the go.

Work by day, game by night

MSI GS66 Stealth
The GS66 Stealth: Superior tech for working AND gaming professionals

These Christmas bargains make industry-leading laptops for work and play, such as the GS66 Stealth for example, more affordable. 

The GS66’s sophisticated, matte-black exterior makes it a laptop that certainly looks the part when it comes to business. Most importantly, though, it has the power to play hardball in the boardroom and in a virtual battlefield.

Within its aluminium shell it packs a serious punch, thanks to a staggeringly powerful 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i9 processor, 300Hz refresh rates and a AI-enhanced NVIDIA® GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER™ graphics card, for crystal-clear, super responsive and vividly coloured gameplay. However, when work calls, all this power makes everything from presenting to photo editing and video remastering a doddle.

With features like these, complex, heavy games or multi-tasking at work are instantaneous with no lag. The GS66 also offers a huge 99.9 watts an hour of battery life – the maximum you can have for devices you can take on an aeroplane – so you can play without a power source for hours on end or keep up with jobs while commuting without any hold ups.


Don’t be daunted buying for the professional gamer in your life. They need the best – but top performing gaming laptops don’t need to cost the earth, thanks to MSI’s seasonal offers.

MSI GE66 Raider
Customise your key strokes with panoramic Mystic Lighting with the GE66 Raider

And the pinnacle of gaming technology – not to mention the ultimate Christmas gift – has to be the GE66 Raider: the award-winning top-tier gaming laptop.

This gaming powerhouse boasts many of the same qualities as the GS66, such as mega fast processor and 99.9Whr battery life, making it the ultimate companion for play and work time.

However, one of the uber cool GE66’s defining features has to be its panoramic aurora lighting, or Mystic Lighting, which illuminates the keyboard with endless colour combinations in 16.8 million colours – and it’s entirely customisable.

To further enhance the user scenario on this powerful laptop, it also features Dynaudio Sound System in the form of Duo Wave Speakers, offering crisp, immersive surround sound, so you can be completely enveloped in the mission at hand all the time. You can also stream your videoplay to any fans you might have accrued over the years with a built-in HD 1080 webcam, bringing a social element into your gaming experience too.

Top this always-on play time with its super-responsive 240Hz refresh rate and you have one insanely powerful laptop that is guaranteed to win Christmas for any gaming enthusiast.

Gaming in the new year just went up a level.

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